Martin Hermansson

CEO of RFI Consortium Ltd.

  • Martin Hermansson

The management company of JSC “Novoyeniseiskiy Wood-Chemical complex” (NE). Martin Hermansson manages NE operations since April 2015.

Martin Hermansson is a Swedish national and originates from a family with a long tradition of managing own forests for generations. Mr. Hermansson studied Economics and Finance at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences (United Kingdom). Mr. Hermansson has been living in Russia since 2005. In recent years, Mr. Hermansson held top executive positions in companies active in Russian timber harvesting, sawmilling and wood processing industries and worked in the Arkhangelsk region since 2007 as CEO of “Nord Timber Group”, and later, after merger of “Nord Timber Group” with “RusForest” in 2010, also in Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk as CEO of publicly-listed “RusForest” holding. He founded “RFI Consortium” in 2012 and currently serves as its CEO. In 2013 Martin Hermansson and “RFI Consortium” started co-operation with “NE” when “RFI Consortium” lent to “NE” USD 7,500,000 as financing for winter harvesting. In 2015 “RFI Consortium Ltd.” was appointed as the management company for JSC “Novoyeniseiskiy Wood-Chemical complex” (NE). Martin Hermansson currently manages “NE” operations and leads the implementation of the development plan aimed at a significant quality improvement and increase in financial performance as well as efficiency optimization. Mr. Hermansson speaks fluent Swedish, English and Russian as well as intermediary German.