Logging technologies

Harvesting/logging activity is carried out in accordance with approved technology which includes the following steps: felling, skidding, trimming and crosscutting. According to conditions of sustainable forest administration all sawlogs should be removed from the harvesting sites to ensure no debris left on the felling area. The sawlogs are processed to export sawn timber at the sawmill, the logs not suitable to be sawn at the mill are used as material for production of fixtures and industrial chips for fiberboards production.

Delivery of sawlogs to production site is carried out in a combined way: by timber carriers from Ust-Kemsky harvesting site during the winter period; in barges from Nazimovsky harvesting site during the shipping season; in rafts from Hrebtovsky, Gremuchensky, Nizhneteryansky, Motyginsky and Nevonsky harvesting sites during the shipping period on Angara and Yenisei rivers.

We use modern high-performance technical equipment for our logging activity. We utilize more than 90% of timber using imported logging machines: feller-bunchers and skidders produced by John Deere, Caterpillar, Tigercat. We use the assortment technology: the crosscutting is carried out directly on felling areas with help of Ponsse and Logmax processors. Annual production capacity of a logging complex by 2-shift mode - 180 000 m3 of sawlogs and 150 000 m3 of assortments.

The transportation of assortments from felling areas to lower landing is provided by KrAZ and KamAZ timber carriers in the round-the-clock mode. Loading and sorting are provided by CAT 320, DOOSAN 225 and DOOSAN 300 machines, the cleaning activity on felling areas - by timber stacking machines type Komatsu PC200 and Hyundai.

The lower landing is equipped with cranes type KB-572, MKRS, RDK for assortments unloading and storing , and also for throwing into water during the shipping period. To form the rafts the motor ships type KS-100 are used.

Delivery of rafts to floating depot of the enterprise is carried out by own river fleet.