“NE” today

“NE” is one of the leading sawmills in Russia and a full-cycle enterprise. The “NE” industrial site is located in Lesosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk region, 300 km North of Krasnoyarsk, capital city of the region. “NE” benefits from close proximity to the most valuable and best quality wood resources all over the world. “NE” produces sawn wood (lumber) from the world-famous Angara pine as well as Siberian larch and spruce, in accordance with Russian quality standards (GOST) 26002-83 and 8486-86. Production waste is used to produce MDF, fiberboards and wooden pellets.

Established logistics and sound expertise of “NE” in sales is supposed to secure worldwide sales for the “NE” products. “NE” is actively implementing the most modern and efficient production technologies and management. In addition “NE” plans to increase its production and sales to the reached in 2003 historical maximum volume of 500,000 cubic meters of sawn wood (lumber) per year and later exceed that volume and reach a principally new level of organization and management of sawmill which is still unique in Russia.

In addition to top quality products, “NE” offers the best and accurate customer service. We are always ready to solve all urgent issues. We speak Russian, English, Chinese, Swedish and German.

“NE” in figures and facts:
  • Full raw material security

    Harvesting leases: Annual allowable cut on the forest leases (AAC) of 2,200,000 cubic meters. Own and fully equipped harvesting unit producing full volume of logs needed for cutting. Own trucks and river fleet for delivery of logs to the industrial site. The average annual harvesting in the period 2010 to 2015 was 1,044,000 cubic meters of saw logs with records in 2003 and 2007 when harvested volumes were above 1,200,000 cubic meters per year entirely from own forests

  • MDF board production capacity:

    20 000 000 square meters per year

  • Sawn wood production capacity:

    frame lines – 260,000 cubic meters (to be expanded to the total of 500,000 cubic meters over the next 2 years following the installation of the new EWD line)

  • Pellets production capacity:

    60,000 tons per year

  • Full-cycle production

    100% utilization of timber resources for production purposes

  • SBP certification in progress

  • Perfect customer service 24/7 in Russian or English

  • Direct contacts with cargo and shipping companies

    Direct and established contacts with leading Russian and international cargo and shipping companies