Russian Business Guide
September 2015

JSC “Novoyeniseiskiy Wood Chemical Complex” - saving traditions, building the future

JSC “NOVOYENISEISKIY WOOD CHEMICAL COMPLEX” carefully preserves its heritage and traditions. The sawmill was founded in 1960 and has been working for 55 years as one of the leading sawmills in Russia. The industrial site is located in Lesosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk region, 300 km north of Krasnoyarsk, the capital city of the region. The mill benefits from its close proximity to the most valuable and best quality wood resources in the world, Angara pine and Siberian larch. Own harvesting department currently produces up to 1,200,000 cubic meters of saw logs per year, 75-80% of which is pine, about 17% is larch and the rest is spruce and fir. JSC “NOVOYENISEIS¬KIY WOOD CHEMICAL COMPLEX” owns a fleet of harvesting equipment, road construction equipment and log trucks. Saw logs are delivered to the mill mainly in rafts by water during spring-summer navigation in order to reduce transportation costs and preserve quality of timber. These measures result in the fact that JSC “NOVOYENISEISKIY WOOD CHEMICAL COMPLEX” is one of few fully self-supplied sawmills in Russia. Internal log supplies also means independence from changed round log markets or conflicts with log suppliers.

The site of JSC “NOVOYENISEISKIY WOOD CHEMICAL COMPLEX” is fully equipped with everything needed for fast loading and shipping of ready products in both rail cars and containers. Highly developed and established logistics allow JSC “NOVOYENISEISKIY WOOD CHEMICAL COMPLEX" to ship sawn wood and other products all over the world. Middle East and North Africa (MENA) regions are traditionally the major markets for the company. In 2014 the company however started some sales diversification and its sales department was strengthened and new business contacts were successfully established with partners also in China. As result JSC “NOVOYENISEISKIY WOOD CHEMICAL COMPLEX” started active shipments of sawn timber to its Chinese customers. Larch wood of best grades with high added value as well as wooden pellets are mainly shipped to the European markets (Germany, Austria, Sweden, UK) where it get good reception from local customers. Fiberboards are sold mainly in the domestic market.

In April 2015 the company changed its shareholders and management team. “RFI Consortium” was appointed the management company of JSC “NOVOYENISEISKIY WOOD CHEMICAL COMPLEX” and its CEO Mr. Martin Hermansson was put in charge of operational control over the sawmill.

Change of shareholders and the management team provided new opportunities for the sawmill. JSC “NOVOYENISEISKIY WOOD CHEMICAL COMPLEX” has started a large scale and ambitious investment program intended to upgrade and extend its production facilities.


  • Annual allowable cut (AAC): 2,600,000 cubic meters of timber per year
  • Sawing capacity: 300,000 cubic meters of sawn wood by frame lines with extension to 500,000-600,000 cubic meters of sawn wood after the launch of the "EWD" saw line
  • Fiberboard production capacity: 60,000 cubic meters per year
  • Wooden pellets production capacity: 50,000 tons per year
  • FSC® certified forest management and chain of custody
  • Customer service 24/7 in Russian and English
  • Established contacts in logistics and customs in Russia, China and MENA countries
  • Direct relations with leading Russian and multinational cargo and shipping companies

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