Upon change of management at NE during the beginning of 2015 4 main goals have been identified as a mid-term mission until the end of 2017:

  1. Expansion of harvesting and trucking capacity in order to return to a level of 1,2 million m³ of saw logs harvested per year. This task was fulfilled by purchasing additionally 55 log trucks, 2 new feller-bunchers, 6 new processors and 6 new log loaders which were delivered prior to the start of winter harvesting 2015/2016.
  2. Launch of the EWD saw line at full capacity during the 1st quarter 2017. Final electrical mounting is ongoing. The new line will significantly increase the production volume, as well as the quality of sawn wood.
  3. Upon the contracts signed in May 2015 with Springer Maschienenfabrik AG – we have already reached by the 4th quarter 2016 the final stage of installation of one new log sorting line and two new green sorting lines.
  4. In the current additional investment plan on heavy equipment for road construction has also been approved and intensity of road construction works increased since the midsummer 2016.