• 1916

    Scandinavian entrepreneur Jonas Lied opened first sawmill in Lesosibirsk area

  • 1955

    Foundation of first sawmill building. Beginning of history of “Novoyeniseiskiy Wood Chemical Complex” (initially called "Yeniseiskiy LDK-2")

  • 1960

    Yeniseiskiy LDK-2 launched

  • 1962

    Fiberboard production launched. 451,000 square meters produced in first year

  • 1983

    Drying and packaging units opened. Total capacity was 210,000 cubic meters of sawn wood (lumber) per year. Current capacity is 450,000 cubic meters per year

  • 1986

    Victor V. Shelepkov appointed as CEO of the mill. Experience, efforts and dedication of Mr. Shelepkov helped “Novoyeniseiskiy Wood Chemical Complex” to pass successfully through turmoil of transition economy

  • 1992

    “Novoyeniseiskiy Wood Chemical Complex” privatized and transformed to the joint-stock company

  • 1994

    BISON-Werke MDF production line launched. Capacity – 20,000,000 square meters of boards per year

  • 1998

    Own forest concessions acquired in Boguchansky, Motyginsky and Yeniseisky districts of Krasnoyarsk region in order to supply sufficient volume of saw logs for cutting. “NE” produces around 1,200,000 cubic meters of saw logs per year. 75−80% of total volume is perfect Angara pine, 17% – is the strongest Siberian larch and the rest is spruce and fir

  • 2003

    “NE” produced and shipped 500,000 cubic meters of sawn wood (lumber) – the record to be succeed in coming years

  • 2004

    “NE” completed FSC certification of forest management and chain custody, the only FSC certified producer in Krasnoyarsk region that time. “Our company supports principles of sustainable forest management and believes that forests and humankind are the common system which should be successful”, – commented Victor V. Shelepkov upon completion of certification

  • 2010

    Pellet line launched. Project capacity level (60,000 tons per year) reached after first month of production

  • 2014

    Victor V. Shelepkov transferred to position of advisor to the Board of Directors of “Novoyeniseiskiy Wood Chemical Complex”. Nevertheless, Mr. Shelepkov is still active. His experience and expertise supports the current management in a key decision-making.

  • 2015

    Scandinavian expertise and traditions came back to Krasnoyarsk region with appointment of “RFI Consortium Ltd.”, headed by Martin Hermansson, as Management Company of “Novoyeniseiskiy Wood Chemical Complex”. Full-scale modernization of harvesting and production units has started

  • 2016

    “Novoyeniseiskiy Wood Chemical Complex” plans to celebrate 100 anniversary of launch of the very first sawmill in Lesosibirsk area opened by Jonas Lied back in 1916. New “EWD” saw line (capacity – 400,000 cubic meters sawn wood output per year), brand new state-of-art “Springer” log sorting line (capacity 1,200,000 cubic meters per year in two shifts) and brand new “Springer” lumber sorting line (capacity 500,000 cubic meters of sawn wood per year) will be launched in 2016

The history of “Novoyeniseiskiy Wood Chemical Complex” continues…